When is 'too old' in the music business ?

22 Nov
Published by jean-marc, 0 comment(s)

Sometimes, it's ridiculous. When you're talking about Keith Richards (and friends) taking the stage and knowing he's about 67 years old, one can wonder where he find the energy, stamina, boldness to still go up there and perform. This said, nobody would ever blink twice if we had to tell you 'famous 67 years old bluesman takes the stage'.

There's something magical about old men still playing great songs that made them famous decades ago, but when the songs are about teenager frustration like I Can't Get No (Satisfaction) or controversial subjects like Sympathy For The Devil (the song most associated with the Hells Angels stabbing at Altamont in 1969), one cannot hide it might be time to retire...

But then again, no one says anything against an old painter having a new exhibition or a movie director finishing a hit movie at the age of seventy something so why should we even mention the fact they've been around a few decades and just concentrate on how great their latest work is....

here's Keith Richards talking about his latest project: a jam with his old friends from The Rolling Stones http://www.spinner.com/2011/11/17/keith-richards-rolling-stones-some-gir...

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