Is crowdfunding the way to go ?

07 Nov
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These days, we hear more and more about crowd-funding for music related "products": records (but also movies) are being made possible by the injection of funds from the public, charmed and interested in a specific project.
The idea of crowd-funding isn't new but it attracks more and more people and groups who relay on this social based dynamic to get running on a documentary, an album, an art project.

Vinylmania is one of these great project: an italian vinyl lover wants to make a 75 minutes documentary about how he got entangled in music and he visits 11 different cities in the world, meets many different people, all as bitten as him by the love of music and it's paramount object: the vinyl. His film embodies so well the love for music and its physical presence, something we're losing when buying an mp3: lines of codes lost among other lines of codes can't compete with a 30cm Long Playing with a cover, an artwork sometimes as important as its musical half.

see here for more infos about Paolo Campana and his documentary project:
the french (or german) version of the documentary:

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