Youtube add merch stores: the killing machine is ON

20 Oct
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Many people were laughing out loud when Google threw in an hefty sum of money to buy Youtube a few years ago but I reckon we may see the end of that smile as we do think this is going to be major.

In a few weeks, Youtube partners will be able to sell merchandising (in a word: anything related to your band or your label or music related business) on Youtube and this option opens up for indie labels or artists as well as Amazon and alike. Now, studies have shown that 3 billions (and we mean BILLIONS) videos are watched everyday on Youtube and 127 millions viewers are passing thru the site daily. That's a LOT of consumers waiting for nothing but a simple button allowing to buy the song they just watched, a concert ticket, or a tshirt, or a DVD or a cap or any other goodies the sellers can throw at them...

Just to give an idea, people watching videos on Facebook are only about a third of that...Can't wait for Google + to integrate the Youtube merch shops directly and see Youtube becoming a major sources for revenues...It's been a long time for Youtube to come up with a business model other than simple ads, but now the time has come...

the news by Youtube itself:
more about the Youtube Merch move:
some dazzling numbers:

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